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Why Tech?

I get asked quite often why I chose to go into the Tech Industry. From a young age I remember my mom working late nights as a programmer. I watched her work hard for others, build her own company, sell it off, and again move her way up within other companies. At that time in my life I didn't realize the impact it was making on me. She really taught me that your work ethic had to be high to make it in the IT field.

My focus from middle-school through high-school was to get a scholarship playing the sport I loved... basketball! It was during this time that I started to get more into playing with technology outside of gaming systems. While I went to a small school in the country they had enough tech to keep me interested.

Once I got into high-school I got into all the computer classes I could. I remember getting my first laptop and playing on it every single night. This is when Social Media was really taking off. MySpace was still the most popular site and my freshman year Facebook launched. I remember creating an account on Facebook, because it was the only Social site that school didn't have blocked at the time. Once it got blocked my friends and I deleted it, no one thought it would take the place of MySpace... man were we wrong.

I jumped into a video tech class and got my first taste of making movies. I loved this class and ended up taking it with seniors while I was a junior. Of course my friends and I had created plenty of stupid YouTube videos before this class, but I finally learned what it meant to write a script and plan out filming day by day then the fun came. Editing, adding sound and music and getting to see the final outcome.

The major project we did for the year was making our version of "New Moon"... yeah from the Twilight Saga. We made this before the real movie was released and it wasn't half bad. My senior year I took the class again and ended up getting to help teach how to use all the equipment and software. I was apart of computer club.

I had always been one of those kids who could float between social groups. I could hangout with the jocks since I played sports, the geeks being into tech and apart of computer club, the emo and skater groups since I skated too. I wanted to experience it all and could get along with just about anyone. My senior year I had talked friends from each of these social groups into taking the video tech class with me. The coolest thing happened, my senior class bonded like I'd never seen before. We had jocks, geeks, and goth hanging out together. Not just in this class it was all around the school. I think that's when I realized that I had a knack for bringing people together and being a leader.

After graduation I passed on playing basketball in college and chose to focus on my studies. I still didn't think of tech as a career option. I chose to pursue a teaching degree so I could coach and teach. My old computer tech teach Mrs. Elliott took over as the IT Director for the school district I graduated from. She offered me a part-time job which turned into a full-time job. It was during my 4 years of college I learned the in's-and-out's of IT and running a tech department. Mrs. Elliott was the best mentor I could have asked for. She worked with my busy school schedule and would teach me how to do things from working on servers, software, hardware, and more. I learned how to Project Manage, how to handle a budget and the list go's on and on.

When I finally graduated with my degree I looked for a job in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I ended up as an IT Manager for a construction company and my career has progressed since then. SDW Technology was started in 2015. I've slowly been building it as I've built a life. I feel that my experience running IT Departments has grown me and prepared me for the challenge of running this company.

I can't thank those who have mentored me and given me opportunists to get me to this point today. In the future these blogs will be geared towards how your company can improve your IT, but I wanted to give you a chance to learn a little about me, where I came from, and how I got here. I hope that I'm able to help make an impact on you, your company, and your life in a positive way.

Thanks for being here, let's see where this crazy ride takes me next.


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